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Supplement Overview

 In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to supplement because we would get everything we need from the foods we eat. Personally, we fought supplementation for most of our lives believing that we could just receive all the elements we needed from our healthy foods. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.  After years of shady farming practices that include: increased use of pesticides, improper crop rotation, widespread use of other chemical agents, the soil has slowly been depleted of invaluable nutrients needed to continue to produce nutrient rich crops. As a result, our foods no longer are as nutrient dense as they used to be years ago which has lead to the need of supplementation. Supplements can be a very helpful “boost” towards health and our many critical metabolic processes that rely on certain minerals and nutrients to carry out their functions. 
Just a word of caution, not all distributors of supplements are created equal. Some (most) supplements contain more garbage than the substance you are intending to ingest. Be sure to research the company you choose. Due to the chemical make-up of some of these elements, they often require delicate manufacturing practices. You get what you pay for! Better to pay a little more and receive quality then to save a few bucks and get a nutritionally empty pill, right?
The best way to know exactly what YOU need is to get your blood tested for vitamin deficiencies.   That can be somewhat expensive but worth it in the long run.  In the meantime, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 that generally everyone can benefit from.

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Generally they are made with garbage ingredients and have a ton of cheap fillers too. They also can do more harm than good. They are made for the general public which doesn't mean they are made for YOU. For example, if your multivitamin has a heavy dose of iron in it and your blood levels are already high in iron, then that vitamin can make you more sick.
We recommend seeking out a trust worthy functional medicine doctor such as Dr Philip Oubre and get YOUR blood tested for vitamin deficiencies, then take whatever vitamins YOU are low on."