Outstrip Personal Training is the most effective and efficient work out available! Innovative Health & Performance is the ONLY location in Texas that offers this personalized resistance training. 

Woman pulling on cables on exercise equipment with innovate health and performance personal trainer
Woman sitting and pulling on innovative health and performance outstrip exercise bands
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Perfect for all ages

With no impact on joints and no gravity falling down towards you, Outstrip personal resistance training is one of the safest workout programs for you and your loved ones.

How It Works

Benefits of maximum eccentric loading:

Maximum eccentric contractions, compared to concentric and/or static contractions, produce far more tension and micro-trauma to the working muscles, tendons, and bones. It is indeed tension and micro-trauma that produce the desired size/strength increases. Eccentric contractions require anywhere from 1/3 to 1/9th the energy expenditure that concentric contractions require to perform a task under equivalent loads. This is a huge advantage for the elderly, or those whose cardiovascular and/or pulmonary systems are impaired. Eccentric contractions allow those individuals to acquire the desired results they are seeking (such as muscle, bone, and tendon strength increases) without an intolerable metabolic demand being imposed upon them. This is a tremendous opportunity to help the elderly and impaired prevent future injury from falls, etc. due to their increased muscle and bone strength. In fact, the increased muscle strength is likely to prevent the fall from occurring in the first place.

Benefits of static loading:

Individuals can generally generate about 20% more force via static contractions versus concentric contractions. This is an advantage as increased tension placed upon muscles, tendons, and bones is what produces the desired increase in strength. Static contractions are very helpful to those who might suffer from severe arthritis and other conditions that limit or make movement painful. Static contractions can be used for these individuals to provide the stimulus required for strength increases without further damage/pain to joints. Static contractions can also be utilized for glycogen depletion. This would be helpful to diabetics for example. Static contractions allow individuals to remain under a desired percentage of tension for an exact amount of time to accomplish this goal.


  • Per Session: $45

  • Monthly (1x/week): Member, $120; Non-Member, $140

To qualify for Member pricing, participants must be placed on a monthly automatic draft.

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