Pricing Overview

IHP has some killer savings for you! Read through our deals and see how you can save big bucks on quality services.



See what package works for you! Our packages come in single sessions, four packs, and monthly unlimited rates.

Woman with hands behind back in reverse prayer yoga pose

Detox: Infrared + Vibe

Shake n’ sweat out those nasty toxins with our vibrating platform and infrared sauna. 

Back of man sitting on grass looking at sunrise

Wellness: OUtstrip + infrared + vibe

Upgrade your health, wellness, and longevity. 

Girl in workout leggings on outdoor bridge smiling

Ultimate Wellness: outstrip + infrared + vibe + cryo

Want the ultimate in fitness, recovery, health, and wellness?  This is a must-try combo!

Man pushing two poles with large weights during workout

Performance: Outstrip + cryo

Are you a athlete looking for a competitive edge? Leave the others in a trail of dust when you use our high-tech equipment.

* Packages are member pricing (members are set on a monthly autodraft). Non-Member pricing is an additional 10%.

Flat Rate Wellness Plan

Red Light Therapy + Vibe + Infrared Sauna

Monthly Flat Rate of $79.99

Receive 8 hours of Red Light Therapy, 8 Vibration Sessions, and 8 hours in the Infrared Sauna. That's wellness 2 times a week!

Monthly Flat Rate of $149.99

Receive 20 hours of Red Light Therapy, 20 Vibration Sessions, and 20 hours in the Infrared Sauna, That's wellness 5 times a week!


Individual services

Person in cryotherapy chamber at Innovative Health and Performance


  • 1st Time: $30

  • Per Session: Member, $25; Non-Member, $40

  • 3-Pack: $100

  • 4-Pack $130

  • 6-Pack $180

  • Unlimited Monthly (Member): $325

Red light therapy box with bed at Innovative Health and Performance

REDlight therapy

  • 15-Minute Trial: FREE!

  • 30-Minute Session: $30

  • Monthly (2x/week): $80

  • Monthly (Unlimited): $125

Innovative Health and Performance Infrared sauna bench

infrared Sauna

  • 15-Minute Trial: FREE!

  • 30-Minute Session: $30

  • Monthly (2x/week): $80

  • Monthly (Unlimited): $125

Woman exercising with outstrip personal training

Outstrip Personal Training

  • Per Session: $35

  • Monthly (1x/week): Member, $100; Non-Member, $120

Water tank and sign about hydrostatic body analytics testing

Hydrostatic body Composition Testing

  • Member: $40/test

  • Non-members:

    1 Test: $59

    2 Tests: $90

    3 Tests: $130

    4 Tests: $170

    1 Year (12 Tests): $300

Man laying on table getting massage from Innovative Health and Performance massage therapist

Massage Therapy & KinesioTaping®

  • 30-Minute Therapeutic Massage (without taping): $60

  • 30-Minute Therapeutic Massage (with taping to one area): $75; add $25 per additional area

  • 60-minute Therapeutic Massage (with taping to one area): $150; add $25 per additional area

  • 10% off bulk rate of 5+ sessions

Man standing on one leg on vibration plate during Innovative Health and Performance vibration therapy

Vibration Therapy

  • Per session: $12

  • 4-Pack: $35

  • Monthly (Unlimited): $75

three people doing lunges during Innovative Health and Performance boot camp class

Boot CaMp Classes

  • 3x Week $99.99

  • 4x Week $114.99

  • 5x Week $129.99

  • Non-Member 3x Week $119.99 (add on $15 per each class)

  • Drop in $20 per class

* All vibe sessions are 10 minutes in length.
* Both participants must be in the sauna at the same time for the Buddy Rate to apply.
* To qualify for Member pricing participants must be placed on a monthly automatic draft.
* Boot Camp Classes Rate are Member-based rates.


10% off the following services for all Military and First Responders

Cryotherapy - Infrared Sauna - REDjuvenator Biophotonic Light - Outstrip - Massage Therapy - Vibration therapy - Kinesiotaping


Special Pricing

Information about cryotherapy for fitness competitors

Competitors looking for an edge

From spartan runners to local Crossfit competitors — if you are preparing for any competition, you qualify for discounted cryotherapy services!  Call (512-876-8831), text, or email ( us to schedule an appointment. Give yourself the edge!


Teamwork makes the dream work

Recreation leagues, high school teams, any team! Bring in your teammates and get discounts on our cryotherapy services! For this special, we must have at least a 24-hour notice and all teammates participating must be present.

Team discount rates for Innovative Health and Performance cryotherapy

Member Perks

It pays to be a member!

Innovative Health and Performance member discounts for referring friends
Innovative Health and Performance quarterly referral program discount information
Innovative Health and Performance member discount information